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Dr. Cheryl House, DACM, LAc “Ask Dr. House” is a column in our newsletter, “Eastern Healing For A Lifetime”.
She answers all kinds of questions related to Chinese medicine, and in particular, Chinese medicine and fertility.




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July 25, 2017

Q: What kind of food (in the TCM world) would be beneficial to eat on a daily basis to keep your immune system strong?


A: In Chinese medicine, food recommendations fighting the cold and flu usually change with the season.  When the weather is cold, you can eat foods/teas that induce sweating, such as green onion and ginger.  When the weather is warmer, try things like peppermint/mint tea or chrysanthemum tea.  Garlic is another good antiviral food to include in your diet. There is also some evidence that goji berries can help to stimulate the immune system – they’re good to snack on as well as to put on things like yogurt.


If you find yourself getting sick often, we can prescribe custom Chinese herbs to help boost your immune system.  A diet low in sugar, along with enough sleep, stress management, optimized vitamin D levels, and of course, frequent washing and sanitizing the hands can be helpful too!