Corporate Wellness Program

Keep your employees happy and healthy!

acupuncture works

Watch a short video on our Corporate Wellness Program here.


Go from this: 

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acupuncture works











The Details:
1. An acupuncturist (or several) come to your office and treat as many people as there is room and time for.

2. You choose how often we show up (once a week/month/quarter/year) and for how long (at least an hour).

3. How it works:

  • you can have your employees schedule online or have it drop in style
  • each practitioner can see 4-6 people an hour depending on the facility
  • 15-30 minute acupuncture sessions (again depending on the space)

4. Why offer free acupuncture?

  • your employees will love you
  • market how cool you are to offer free acupuncture
  • decrease your employees’ stress
  • decrease repetitive use injuries
  • great self-care without leaving the office

5. How do I sign up?
– Call (206) 332-0868 or email us at to create a plan that works for you and your company.

6. Cost:
– $250 an hour/per practitioner. Travel time and supplies included. (1 hour minimum)

Be Well, Find Your Zen