Acupuncture Northwest & Associates will be speaking at a free family building conference, put on by the Cade Foundation.  The conference will be held on March 19th,  in Auburn, WA from 6-9 pm.  Here are some details:


The Cade Foundation hosts free education programs throughout the US to increase awareness about infertility and family building solution.

Our education programs usually include a panel presentation with a fertility doctor, an adoption expert, a foster care specialist, a mental health provider who supports families with infertility, and a lawyer that provides adoption an 3rd party assisted fertility (egg donor, gestational carrier) support services.  Join an existing program or help us plan one in your community!  For information about our planned events, visit the “Calendar” page of our website.  To help plan an event in your community- email Jacquelyn at  Together we are OVERCOMING infertility!

First MAJOR 2012 Cade Foundation Outreach Event:

Auburn, Washington:

Monday March 19, 2012
6PM until 9PM
Overcomer Covenant Church

Location:  33415 Military Road South
Auburn, WA 98001