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Danisha Christian, LMP

Danisha Christian, LMP

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Danisha Christian, LMP is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist that specializes in manual therapy for fertility enhancement and the treatment of female reproductive ailments. Her education comes from both formal and nontraditional sources. Danisha graduated from the Brenneke School of Massage where she had extensive education in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology as well as the application of manual therapy techniques. Through the Arvigo Institute, in San Ignacio Belize she became certified in Mayan Abdominal Massage, while completing case studies and an apprenticeship with Dr. Rosita Arvigo, D.O, Herbalist. In addition to these training programs, Danisha has done a great deal of studying from traditional indigenous Aunties and Grandmas who have passed down centuries-old techniques and teachings.

It is Danisha’s desire to support the health and well-being of women and their reproductive systems; helping women reach their goals around health and fertility. She often works in conjunction with western medical practitioners including Reproductive Endocrinologists and OBGYNs and brings integrity, professionalism and thorough knowledge to her alternative medical practice. Danisha has been published in Family Building Magazine (“Mayan Abdominal Massage”, Fall 2006) and featured in Seattle Magazine (“Fertile Ground”, April 2007). She has also been a guest speaker and presenter at various conferences and gatherings. 

Danisha’s practice is patient-centered through and through. She believes strongly in the accessibility of medicine and patient education. She takes the time to provide explanations, show diagrams and share handouts and resources with her patients. 
What people are saying about Danisha:

 “Poor digestion and an unhappy uterus brought me to see Danisha for care. In only 3 sessions I saw my digestion improve and gained awareness of where my uterus sits in my body and how to care for it. An unexpected benefit of this work has been the relief of chronic back pain from past car accidents. My back has literally not felt this good in years!

Danisha is completely competent, highly knowledgeable and does a great job of explaining uterine function and care to her clients. She is grounded, caring and holds a beautiful space for healing.  I whole-heartedly recommend her.”

“I first worked with Danisha when I was trying to get pregnant and my cycle would end 7 days after ovulation which was not enough time for a fertilized egg to implant. I worked with her regularly for three months. My cycles lengthened out over that time (and I also felt wonderful). I got pregnant the first month trying after my treatment with Danisha!”

“I came back to working with Danisha when I began the transition to menopause. Her work is deep, intuitive and powerful. It has been tremendously helpful in bringing my system back into balance. My energy is increased, flows more smoothly, and remains steady throughout the day. And I feel more integrated and strong. And most importantly, more like myself! I am deeply grateful for the work Danisha has done with me.”