3rd Trimester – Pregnancy

Pregnancy Acupuncture – Third Trimester

Pregnancy acupuncture continues into the third trimester.  Women begin to come weekly around week 33-34 for several reasons:

Breech Positioning
TCM is very effective at turning a breech presentation.  Success rates are higher if the fetus is less than 35 weeks.

Labor Prep and Pre-birth Acupuncture

  • Reduce stress hormones. Stress can cause oxytocin levels to drop and labor contractions to slow down.
  • Help dilate and ripen the cervix.
  • Help prepare the body for labor to start naturally.

Studies show that acupuncture leading up to labor can reduce the time spent in childbirth. See our research section.

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“I send all of my OB patients for labor prep to Acupuncture Northwest & Associates,” Tacoma OB/GYN.

Thanks so much for the effort to induce my labor back in August….. I think that the work you did helped soften up my cervix to really make things go smoothly and quickly. – T.D.-

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