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At Acupuncture Northwest & Associates, we believe it is easier to stay well then it is to get well.
We want people to experience ease and not dis-ease.





Chinese medicine lasts a lifetime.
In our quest to help you maintain wellness throughout your lifetime, we embrace Root Cause Resolution, where we work on finding “the why” to whatever you come in with.
As Chinese medicine practitioners we will examine all areas of your life in an effort to help you maintain balance and stay well. This is lifestyle medicine.
It’s about transformation.



Think of us like wellness coaches. We will endeavor to help you discover, achieve, maintain and understand true wellness, and what that means for you.
And when dis-ease does present, we look for resolution of the root cause as well as relief from symptoms. Wellness coaches with a toolkit.
Chinese medicine is a process of maintaining balance and healing body, mind, and spirit.



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